Feature Updates

November 2021 Updates

November 19, 2021

Copy Link Buttons

  • Improved Responsiveness
  • Copy Command Buttons will now include !sr Text with URL
  • Improved UI

Mod Resources

  • Improved UI
  • Updated Screening Tools to include reasons for Screening Rejected Options
  • Improved Update Timings

Site plugins

  • Updated Filter and Search Tools for better responsiveness
  • Updated Database Integration Tools to update at a more frequent rate
  • Fixed Bug where Items being removed from database were not being removed from website automatically.
  • Updated Integration Tasks to fix various bugs from Screening Tools
  • Fixed Issue where Database and Website Artists Tables became Unsynced


  • Updated Song Request Buttons to reflect UI Changes with Copy Link Buttons
  • Various other Text Adjustments
  • Various UI Improvements
  • Content Updates (Artists and Songs)

Bug Fix 4/18

April 18, 2021

Fixed Issue where Random List was not regenerating. The List should now update every day at 4:45 PM PST

Recent Updates

April 2, 2021

Added Visual Genre Tags to show on the Song Lists

Added Visual Tags for Loops, Uke/Vocals, and Extended Requests

General Improvements and Updates to improve loading speeds and to clean up the UI

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